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How a bunny helped my broken heart

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juil. 2021

A couple of days after Christmas 2017, my bunny Peaches died in my arms.

After a three day hospitalization at the CHUV (Faculty of veterinary medicine in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec), the vet advised Peaches had incurable cancer and it was time to let her go.

During the euthanasia, I kissed Peaches and stayed until the end crying my love for her. At the time I already had several bunnies - my oldest was an 8 year old rescue, but Peaches was my first loss through the complete process of euthanasia. It was particularly heartbreaking when the vet told me that Peaches was excited to see me. I got to spend time alone with her, then the vet injected the lethal doses, and the slow goodbye. It was awful.

Only six months before, I had adopted Peaches from Rabbit Rescue (a Southern Ontario organization). Peaches was a young but huge New Zealand rabbit; 1 of the 103 bunnies seized from a Peterborough facility that was raising rabbits for meat in deplorable conditions.

When I heard of her story, I drove 12 hours to get this bunny from her foster care (the lovely and unforgettable Louise).

My family thought I was nuts to drive all the way to Ontario and kept asking "aren't there any bunnies in Quebec you can adopt???".

This is Peaches first day meeting Patrick the duck:

It's hard to explain, but I think the right animal will show up in your life at the intended time with a predetermined purpose.

I think Peaches showed up in my life to teach me that I was meant to give bunnies like her a chance to be happy. That I had to find a way to work with animals because they make me so happy. I cried for many days and nights and then I heard about Kai.

Kai was a young Norman bunny under the care of Erin Urano of Rusty & Furriends: Vegas Dumpsite Bunnies. Erin found Kai by a lake near her Vegas home on June 20, 2012. She named him "Kai The Pineapple Boy" because of his sweet tooth particularly for pineapples and purple carrots. Erin heard of my story with Peaches and told Haviva (the Rabbit Rescue founder) about Kai. I had asked Haviva if I could adopt one of the Vegas dumpsite bunnies she was planning to save and bring to Canada. Then Haviva told me about Kai and sent me his personal Facebook page where his mom Erin described him as "similar to a Flemish rabbit in behaviour and appearance".

I spoke to Erin and I had never heard about the beauty of the rabbit community. Erin was willing to let go of a very very very special bunny as long as she felt the person was meant for Kai. When she read my adoption application, Erin felt that it was Peaches who was sending me Kai.

Erin described the planning of getting Kai from Vegas to Quebec. There was going to be all the custom paperwork, vet testing, logistics planning from Rabbit Rescue with all the volunteers. Some would help by donating funds and others would drive the Vegas dumpsite rescue bunnies and Kai in pairs. They would stop where other volunteers would donate their home as pit stops where the bunnies would be able to loosen up and roam around in small enclosures after hours of driving. The organization was impressive and from the heart. Then an angel named Sarah would pick up Kai in Ontario and drive him to me in Quebec. So Kai departed Vegas by car driven by a couple of American angels on 1/27/18.

Kai arriving in Colorado

Kai at his last US overnight. About 5.5 more hours to Chicago.

It was so